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I want to draw a line on the picture object. I had tried to "Move to backward" property of the image but the line is in the background.

I had also tried to put the image using subreport but the result is same.

I want to print "DUPLICATE COPY" text with bottom left corner to top right corner on the back side of the table.

So pls. tell me how to do it.
Updated 8-Jan-21 3:07am

1. Create 2 separate reports. The 1st report will be the main report and the 2nd will
be a subreport.
2. Place all page headers and footers on the main report.

(Main Report)
3. Right click on the PageHeaderSection and insert section below.
4. On the new PageHeaderSection, insert the image(your watermark) and set the section to Underlay Following Sections.

5. Go to your subreport and place your data and lines on it.

(Main Report)
6. Again, right click on the PageHeaderSection and insert section below.
7. On the new PageHeaderSection, right click, Insert->Subreport
8. Select Choose a Crystal Report in a project, then click the 2nd report you've created.
Voila! The lines will be now on the top of the image! Just be sure to remove the borders of your subreport.
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ShaikhM 14-Jan-14 20:38pm    
Good one mate. That truely works. And I think thats the ONLY way to get it work. All other solutions are crap.
I believe it just isn't possible with crystal reports - images seem to be in front whatever you try to do.

You don't give much information about what version of CR you're using or where the data is coming from - but I got around the issue some years ago by creating my image in code before giving it to crystal - so I drew on top of the image at run time before adding it to the report.
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This is in my opinion the most simple solution

Create an empty text field that you put in the position for which you want to draw the line.
In the properties of the text object set up the border below to 'single line'
This 'line' will be show upon your image (*)

Make sure you set up the section that containts your image with the option 'Underlay Following Sections'
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create one picture in paint with line.
and insert it in to crystal report.
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"Solution 2" is totally un-usefull, I have facing the same problem (crystal report 9.2), here is how I have solved it :

1) Put you image into Crystal report
2) right clic on your image "Move" > "To Back"
3) clic somewhere else outside of the image (section, ...)
4) then you can put (edit) everything you want (fields, lines, ...) OVER the bitmap.

NOTA: DON'T FORGET point #3 !! that's the reason why you are always on the bitmap !! I have searched for this a long time too.

can be used for image watermark too (for example)

Hope this help,
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ShaikhM 14-Jan-14 17:44pm    
Your solution does not work on lines and boxes. You can give it a go.

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