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strNAme = ds.Tables("report").Rows(i).Item("LabelName")

 Dim Line As LineObject = DirectCast(rpt.ReportDefinition.ReportObjects(strNAme), LineObject)
   Line.Left = ds.Tables("report").Rows(i).Item("Align_Left")' ERROR IS HERE
 Line.Top = ds.Tables("report").Rows(i).Item("Align_Top")
  Line.Right = ds.Tables("report").Rows(i).Item("Align_Right")
   Line.Bottom = ds.Tables("report").Rows(i).Item("Align_Bottom")

i am getting error on

System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException was caught
Message="The line object's coordinates are not valid. Only vertical or horizontal lines are supported."

Here one solved thread[^]
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Omkaara 15-Nov-13 1:15am    
that does not solve my problem
thatraja 15-Nov-13 1:48am    
more details?
Omkaara 15-Nov-13 3:07am    
i have many horizontal lines & vertical lines in my crystal i stored their location in db and change from as & when required
i wanted to move any any of these line at a time at particular location which will be stored in db
agent_kruger 4-Apr-14 9:23am    
yes sir, it didn't solve the problem.
if (Hline)
    //Hline. set left and right = left you want
    lineObj.Left = Twip.PixelToTwipX(this.X1);
    lineObj.Right = lineObj.Left;
    //set top and bottom = top you want
    lineObj.Top = Twip.PixelToTwipY(this.Y1);
    lineObj.Bottom = lineObj.Top;
    //set right
    lineObj.Right = Twip.PixelToTwipX(this.X2);
    //My language
    //đường dọc. cho top và bottom bằng top mong muốn
    lineObj.Top = Twip.PixelToTwipY(this.Y1);
    lineObj.Bottom = lineObj.Top;
    //Đổi left = right = left mong muốn
    lineObj.Left = Twip.PixelToTwipX(this.X1);
    lineObj.Right = lineObj.Left;
    //Đổi bottom
    lineObj.Bottom = Twip.PixelToTwipX(this.Y2);
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