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Hi Guys,

Please I need to use most of networking commands such as (Ping, ipconfig, tracert, ....etc) on a picture (Map) to
test a network.




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Updated 17-Sep-11 21:47pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 18-Sep-11 17:29pm    
Why on a Map? Don't put all things in one heap, learn separation of concerns. What are the problems?

1 solution

Please see my comment to the question.

Also, while ping could make some sense in ASP.NET application (very little from the practical standpoint, but something that could work), running ipconfig and tracert would not make any sense at all. Where do you want to run it, on client or server? Look at this: those are not commands but Windows applications ipconfig.exe and tracert.exe. They have something to do with local computer settings, and very intimate ones, not to be passed over the network, WWW or not.

Do you want to run them on client? But these applications may or may not exist on the user's computer. Why? To give the user an opportunity to run something she or he can simply run locally but without suspecting that someone could spy on them via the Web?

On server? Why? To give our most intimate and secret settings of the server system? Or to give the Web application the opportunity to screw up those settings and completely destroy the server's functionality?

So, does it explains how deeply inappropriate this question is?

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Emad Al Hawary 20-Sep-11 4:24am

please check and advise
Emad Al Hawary 20-Sep-11 4:25am    
What I need is how to do it locally.

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