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I run the terminal, But I do not understand which commands work.
How to write correctly, so I exit the window or better the "help" command so I the allowed commands.

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Note that the development build is not optimized.
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What I have tried:

npm run logout
npm help
npx help
npx webpack help
npm logout
Updated 10-Jun-23 0:46am

1 solution

As Javascript is client side based, you will probably need node.js for your serverside. That being said, here are some shortcuts for Javascript terminal usage -

1. Installing -
Regular: npm install
Shortcut: npm i

2. Testing -
Regular: npm test
Shortcut: npm t

3.Getting Help -
Regular: npm --help
Shortcut: npm -h

4. Global Flag -
Regular: --global
Shortcut -g

5. Saving as a Development Dependency -
Regular: --save-dev
Shortcut: -D

Accepting 'npm init' Defaults -
Regular: npm init --yes OR npm init --force
Shortcut: npm init -y OR npm init -f

Note that you no longer need to use '--save' or '-S' to save packages, as that is now the default. To install a package without saving it, use the '--no-save' flag.

You can find many more shortcuts at - npm Tricks for Faster JavaScript Development[^] or a basic development setup tutorial at - JavaScript Tutorial – How to Set Up a Front End Development Project[^]

For further clarification on Javascript vs Node.js, read more at - Node js vs JavaScript[^]
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