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HI everyone,
I am struggling to make a join querry, kindly assist me if you can.
Now, this is my problem;
Consider the following table;

stock_movement has fields
movement_id (PK),

This table records all stock moving out of a store;
category, determines where the stock is going,
e.g. if 0, to the counter, if 1 to workshop, if 2 to another branch etc
so i have three other tables for each category;
0) table counters (counter_id, counter_name, counter_description);
1) table workshops (workshop_id, workshop_name, supervisor);
2) table branches (branch_id, branch_name, branch_manager);

Now, i need to make a daily report of stock moving out;
so my query need to select where data = selected_date, and for each record have a narrative column showing where it went (counter_name or workshop_name, or branch_name) depending on the category of the record.

i think the solution should like to something like this;

select sm.date_, sm.quantity, if(category = 0) then (select counter_name from counters where counter_id = sm.foreign_id) else if (category = 1) then 
(select workshop_name from workshops where workshop_id = sm.foreign_id) else 
(select branch_name from branches where branch_id = sm.foreign_id) as target_name from stock_movement

but it does not work, can you help me make it work,

is there a way we can put the ifs on the join part to make it work.

Thanks in advance
Updated 21-Sep-11 10:26am

1 solution


SELECT sm.date_, sm.quantity, alltarget.target_name FROM 
stock_movement as sm  JOIN 
SELECT 1 as category, counter_id as id,counter_name as target_name FROM counters
SELECT 2 as category, workshop_id as id,workshop_name as target_name FROM workshops
SELECT 3 as category, branch_id as id, branch_name as target_name FROM branches) 
AS alltargets 
ON and sm.category=alltargets.category

If you want a much faster code you can try put the union select into a temporary table make an index on it an join with that, but it will work fain just like that.

PS: I didn't run the statment so you might find some misspelled stuff.
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