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hi friends any one know what is bilinear map in cryptography.
A bilinear map is a map e : G × G → GT , where G is a Gap
Diffie-Hellman (GDH) group and GT is another multiplicative cyclic group of
prime order p with the following properties [16]: (i) Computable: there exists an
efficiently computable algorithm for computing e; (ii) Bilinear: for all h1, h2 ∈ G
and a, b ∈ Zp, e(ha1, hb2) = e(h1, h2)ab; (iii) Non-degenerate: e(g, g) 6= 1, where g
is a generator of G.

what is this?I am not getting I have lots of search on internet but not get concept please give an example so that i will get understand concept please help me thanks
Updated 24-Sep-11 8:05am

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Did you see this article on Use of Bilinear Maps in Cryptography[^]?

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maheshpardeshi 25-Sep-11 1:33am    
I saw it nothing is given about G*G->Gt what is it how it works how to generate key using it.I want at least basic hint for that
Ali karimi 27-Apr-17 12:43pm    
may this be a useful point:
Dave Kreskowiak 27-Apr-17 12:54pm    
You know you've having a discussion with people that have left the room SIX FREAKING YEARS AGO...
Ali karimi 24-Aug-19 15:45pm    
it is for future questions and research.
here is knowledge base for posterity

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