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Hello all,

I own a blackberry phone that can be connected to 10 e-mail accounts, my e-mail server doesn't include exchange server.

My problem is as simple as "how to synchronize the e-mails sent and received to my accounts that can be received in different devices"; I mean: if an e-mail is received in my mail server I can download it from different places and as I use pop3 this mail can't be seen in the other devices as it has been removed from the mail server.

After reading some articles in the Wikipedia and an interesting article from the Minnesota University[^] it seems clear to me that the right way to choose is going to IMAP.

As far as I understood using POP3 each time I check for new mails from the device X those e-mails are stored into that device X and deleted from the mail server. In the other hand if I'm using IMAP I won't remove the e-mails from the server and moreover, the server will know which device has been connected to the server and send the right mails to it. i.e.:

if each day I receive 10 mails, and I download them from my phone each 5 minutes, and I download them from my Outlook each 3 days, then I'll be able to have all the e-mails in both devices and a copy (safe backup) in the server.

1. I would like to know if you would recommend me this way to work. Any drawbacks using laptop, desktop, web mail and phone?
2. Also I would like to know what would/should happen if I delete one mail from my blackberry, (how this would be reflected in my Microsoft Outlook).
3. Also if the sent messages should be in all the devices or not.

PS: I already have downloaded mails and I don't want to make a mess...

Thank you in advance for your help!
Updated 8-Oct-11 23:09pm
Jan Steyn 9-Oct-11 7:40am    
I know in Outlook there is anoption to leave your email on the server for 14 days or indefinitely with a POP3 connection. I have been using it successfully to read from multiple Outlooks. Don't know if BlackBerry have such an option?

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