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Hi guys I need help urgently. I have a variable _Reprint which is set to true or false in my class Print constructor in a project called Printing. Then i have a printscreen view in another project called Controls. I want to set textboxes on this screen to visible if the _Reprint = false. How do i do this in xaml? I know it's to do with triggers but i can't seem to get it right. Both projects are contained in one big project called PrintingExpo. Hope my question is clear enough. Thanks in advance

First of you must have a property which is either a DependencyProperty or normal property which utilizes INotifyPropertyChanged.

Second only use a trigger if you're already working with a Style, that is do not create a Style for a control for the sole purpose of adding triggers. If you do not already have a Style for some other purpose, then bind the Visibility property of your TextBoxes and use the BooleanToVisibilityConveter .
Ace_Hardlight 18-Oct-11 15:21pm
Ok but how does the BooleanToVisibiltyConverter work?
Simon Bang Terkildsen 18-Oct-11 15:30pm
see WPF Tutorial - Binding Converters
BooleanToVisibilityConverter already exists so you don't have to create it yourself
[no name] 18-Oct-11 15:36pm
+5 You are completly right about not using the trigger. Nice catch!
Ace_Hardlight 18-Oct-11 15:38pm
Thank you so much :D used the article and now it works !! Thanks everyone that posted solutions. Appreciate it very much
Espen Harlinn 18-Oct-11 19:19pm
Excellent :)
Simon Bang Terkildsen 19-Oct-11 11:25am
Thank you, Espen.
For this you would use DataTriggers.

   <datatrigger binding="{Binding Path=Reprint}">
        <setter property="Visibility" value="Visible" />

Also, your "Reprint" property needs to be public.
Simon Bang Terkildsen 18-Oct-11 15:19pm
A 4, it's important that the Reprint property actually notifies about changes. I've mentioned that in my solution.
[no name] 18-Oct-11 15:33pm
Good point. My brain must not be in the game today ;)
Simon Bang Terkildsen 18-Oct-11 15:39pm
hehe, happens to all of us now and then :)
Ace_Hardlight 18-Oct-11 15:19pm
This is what i have got but it doesn't work at all

<textbox grid.row="6" verticalalignment="Center"
="" name="txtDocNo" text="Doc No: " margin="3,61,610,46" grid.columnspan="2" grid.rowspan="2">
<Style TargetType="{x:Type TextBox}">
<datatrigger binding="{Binding Path= _Reprint}" value="False">
<setter property="Visibility" value="Visible">


[no name] 18-Oct-11 15:34pm
What you have posted is an empty collection of triggers. They will not do anything. Try the data trigger that I posted.
Ace_Hardlight 18-Oct-11 15:22pm
Doesn't want to display properly sorry

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