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Today I transferred some of my code from vc6 to vs2005 and I encountered a problem with the template. The code looks like this.
 template<BOOL b>
 class CL
        enum etype{ come=0, go, present };
        etype checkType( int iType );

 template<BOOL b>
 CL<b>::etype CL<b>::checkType( int iType )
  if( iType ){
  return CL<b>::etype(iType);

For vc6 everything is fine but vs2005 there is a problem on return type.
How can I solve it?
Updated 26-Oct-11 23:59pm
Richard MacCutchan 27-Oct-11 5:40am    
there is a problem on return type
Where, what problem?
Slacker007 27-Oct-11 6:00am    
Edit: grammar.
Albert Holguin 27-Oct-11 10:59am    
What is the error the compiler is giving you?

1 solution

Are you sure it is not due to the missing semi-colon at the end of your class definition?
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Albert Holguin 27-Oct-11 10:59am    
I'm pretty sure a missing semi-colon would have caused an error in studio 6 as well... probably a typo.
Richard MacCutchan 27-Oct-11 11:39am    
I agree but without seeing exactly what the OP is complaining about it's difficult to guess what the problem is.
Albert Holguin 27-Oct-11 12:21pm    
Yep, he needs to provide the compiler error.

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