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I have a scenario as described below.

File "a" Server.php:

Reads a report name out of a .txt file and echo's it.

File "b" Client.html:

Send a request to Server.php to read the file and receives the name of the report(XmlHttpRequest.responsetext)

This is working well for all types of reports and foreign languages when i just echo it, however now i want to encode the report name in Server.php and then send it to Client.html. And the encoding is failing or not giving me the text i want.

For Example:
The actual report name is:
Type [11432304]español Date10-26-2011-Time10-52-11
After encoding else where in the project it is: 
But when i encode it is:

header( 'Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8' );
        $newfileNameandType  = "Sample.txt"; //This is a notepad saved with [11432304]español Date10-26-2011-Time10-52-11 in utf-8 format.
        if (file_exists($newfileNameandType)) 
                $NewReportAddress = fread($myfile, filesize($newfileNameandType));
                echo urlencode($NewReportAddress); // This is not giving me the correct encoded text like elsewhere.

Code gurus am i missing something? How do i get "Type+%5B11432304%5Despa%F1ol+Date10-26-2011-Time10-52-11" when i encode but not "%EF%BB%BFType+%5B11432304%5Despa%C3%B1ol+Date10-26-2011-Time10-52-11".

Thanks for your time.

Some text editors, including Notepad, add byte order mark (BOM) to indicate UTF-8 text.
It's the EF BB BF at the start of your text file.

My suggestion is add a code to detect and remove the BOM after reading your text files or before using any text string.
You should also ditch Notepad and use a better text editor.

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Yes, PHP sucks some times.
Use "rawurlencode" instead of "urlencode" (see here for more info[^]).
I hate it when the documentation says "for historical reasons" - the best is the parameter-list of "implode"[^] ;)

Sorry, I have misread your question...
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