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i write localhost/phpfile.php on internet explorer and it gives webpage not found :(
i also write localhost/ and it also gives the same message but my WAMP server is online.
Uday P.Singh 27-Oct-11 13:48pm    
which Port are you using? perhaps the same port is used by other application.
Sweety Khan 27-Oct-11 13:50pm    
i dont know. how can i know this?
Uday P.Singh 27-Oct-11 13:53pm    
okay forget that, let me know do you have skype installed?
Sweety Khan 27-Oct-11 13:54pm    

1 solution

As you mentioned that you have Skype installed which uses port 80 by default, and apache server also uses port 80 by default hence you need to change the port no for any of these two application.

You can configure Skype to use another port by doing the following:

In Skype go to Tools-->Connection options-->uncheck the option --> Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections.

After that restart Skype and Restart all services on WAMP, and then the page in your browser.

If you don't want to configure the skype then you can change the port no. of apache as well like this:

Edit http.conf file in notepad usually located in C:\wamp\Apache2\conf .
then do either CTL+F or go to EDIT/FIND from the notepad menubar. this will open FIND window. type 80 in the 'Find What' box and click find next. replace 80 to whichever port(suppose i gave it 81) to want apache to listen to.

NOw restart all services of wamp. and browser address type localhost:81/filename.php

hope it helps :)

for further queries comment here!
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Sweety Khan 27-Oct-11 14:11pm    
ok i did that but still the same. i have once open php files on internet explorer, it was fine. this is the 2nd time i am opening it on the same thinkpad with the same wamp server
Uday P.Singh 27-Oct-11 14:19pm    
I updated the answer, please refer.
Sweety Khan 27-Oct-11 14:28pm    
wOw its dOne. thanx a lOt...thanx for being there :)
Uday P.Singh 27-Oct-11 14:22pm    
is your wamp services running?

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