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Well, the title pretty much says it all..
I've drawn a transparent button using Corel so that I will have the glass effect on my button no matter the background, or so that I can select different background colors to change the color of the button but the effect will remain. It's just some white images with transparency effects. If a change the background color in corel I get the wanted effect. But when I export I check the "Transparent Background" option which only leaves the background transparent but the transparent effects inside the image remain white. Does anybody know what I should do?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 6-Nov-11 23:19pm    
You will need to check up if the PNG is really semi-transparent, which is very likely, and if you render it in your program correctly, which is less likely, but on this part there is no information. Could you make some simple code sample to manifest the problem?
Vic91 7-Nov-11 1:05am    
I now know what the problem was.. There was a shape (a rectangle) in the background of the button that had a lense effect or something and that seemed transparent while edditing but not when I exported. I removed it and now everything's fine. Thanks for your time though! :D

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