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I have home page where once I Logged in i am redirecting to home page.
I Home page I am calculation text count as per give below

N Text New Status Count Total NText Count % covered Count
P Text New Status Count Total PText Count % covered Count
L Text New Status Count Total LText Count % covered Count

N,P,L are three different table.

Right now there are nearly 2000 records in each table

N and P tables are in relation where i maintaing in NP(4th table) table

IN NP table I have status field where I am calculation New Status Count for N and P
Linked and Approved Status is also there

I already written store procedure for better performanance but still its running too slow. If records will get increse then i think it will slow down.

How can i increase the performanace of the page.



1 solution

You can't improve the page performance if you are waiting on the database.

You can, however, improve the page experience for the user.

Instead of waiting for the data to render, why don't you instead use jQuery to make a call to a page that will return the results of the database operations. Your page will load quickly, with a pleasant waiting indicator, and then you'll swap out the contents of the "waiting" panel with the juicy bits they're looking for.

Otherwise, look for a way to improve the database otherwise. 2000 records isn't a lot of data. Get better hardware? Use indexes. Only retrieve fields you need. Remember that putting the same code in a sproc doesn't mean it's going to run faster if you haven't optimized the query.
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