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I am going to work an application with front end in .Net. This application will work in different branches of my organization. Each branch can work in isolated environment as well as it can collaborate with main branch to.

Kindly suggest some reliable, scalable, secure and economical architecture for application and database as well.

Thanks in advance.

0) Use SQL Server for the database.
1) Create your app in the form of either a web page or a Silverlight module.

Writing desktop apps that require deployment adds to the cost. A web site can be accessed by hundreds of users simultaneously, and if deisgned appropriately, it can allow any kind of use that you might require.
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thatraja 28-Dec-11 11:00am    
Right suggestion, Web app is better for this case. 5!
iamalik 28-Dec-11 12:55pm    
Thanks for your kind suggestions.
This application will also include picture capturing from WebCam and some scanner .Will web application help me in this regard ????
Espen Harlinn 30-Dec-11 9:19am    
First question I'd ask is what tools, environments, languages etc you're familiar with. The second thing are the requirements. Do you need access to local (client side) resources (disks, drivers etc) or programs (Office interop and so on).

Those two should narrow down the possibilities. If no client side interaction is needed (or it's very light) creating a web based application is easier to maintain and to distribute (well, everyone has a web browser :)).

About the environment. As JSOP suggested both Silverlight and ASP.NET are good and simple to use. If you decide to go to desktop application, personally I would choose WPF with ClickOnce distribution (since this was an internal application). If you're not familiar with WPF, it has a learning curve but on the other hand Forms is starting to take it's last breath (again personal opinion).

And then the languages. C# would be my favourite. One good reason is that it's widely adopted so getting help is easy. Also C# isn't that much different from for example VB.NET but the programming power is far greater. Using C++ would perhaps be an overkill if no special requirements exist.

And lastly the database. Most likely I'm going to be flamed because of this but Oracle is more capable and adjustable than SQL Server. But, again the learning curve is higher and getting help with Oracle is a bit more difficult so I would still choose SQL Server.

So perhaps in a nutshell: Select tools you know how to use or that are easy enough to learn and tools that you can get easily help with if questions arise.

Good luck!
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RaviRanjanKr 28-Dec-11 17:29pm    
Wendelius 28-Dec-11 17:33pm    
Thanks Ravi :)
thatraja 28-Dec-11 21:14pm    
Wendelius 29-Dec-11 0:43am    
Thank you thatraja :)
iamalik 29-Dec-11 0:36am    
Thanks Mika

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