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I'm working on creating a puzzle on wpf and I need some help in saving pieces of a picture in a specific folder to reload them if the user requested..
1. I checked if the directory exists
2. if not, I wrote:
if (!Directory.Exists(path1))

3. I need to save pieces into the previous folder! I got the Original Image from an open file dialog then I cut it into 100 pieces at run time

Can Anyone help me saving an image in a folder?

The Image class directly has a Save method you can use. See:[^]
r.nd.k 30-Dec-11 16:11pm
Thank you ! But isn't what you gave me for Windows form not wpf?
because I already tried it but (image1.Save) didn't exist!
Wendelius 30-Dec-11 16:31pm
Actually it's a GDI+ class. But if you're using WPF Image class directly then perhaps an easier way would be to encode it directly. Have a look at this article:[^]
NandaKumer 30-Dec-11 21:14pm
good link
Wendelius 31-Dec-11 3:39am
Thank you NandaKumer
r.nd.k 31-Dec-11 10:08am
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
I Always Get this error ! I know I have to dispose the Image but how?
I used this one!
the framework elememt can be a type Image right?

void SaveToPng(FrameworkElement visual, string fileName)
var encoder = new PngBitmapEncoder();
SaveUsingEncoder(visual, fileName, encoder);

void SaveUsingEncoder(FrameworkElement visual, string fileName, BitmapEncoder encoder)
RenderTargetBitmap bitmap = new RenderTargetBitmap(
BitmapFrame frame = BitmapFrame.Create(bitmap);

using (var stream = File.Create(fileName))

What I did was cutting the original image into pieces
each piece i memorized its data in a struct
struct ImagePuzzle
public System.Windows.Controls.Image pieces;
At the end I want to save each piece in a specific folder !
But I'm getting the previous error because I guess I have to dispose them !
How Can I do such thing?
to Encodes a collection of BitmapFrame objects to an image stream.
FileStream stream = new FileStream("empty.tif", FileMode.Create);
TiffBitmapEncoder encoder = new TiffBitmapEncoder();

as you can use given function

public static void SaveClipboardImageToFile(string filePath)
    var image = Clipboard.GetImage();
    using (var fileStream = new FileStream(filePath, FileMode.Create))
        BitmapEncoder encoder = new PngBitmapEncoder();
r.nd.k 31-Dec-11 10:19am
Thnx but
var image = Clipboard.GetImage();
Always gives me null !
How can I fixe that?
RaviRanjanKr 31-Dec-11 10:38am
The object must be serializable for it to be put on the Clipboard. If you pass a non-serializable object to a Clipboard method, the method will fail without throwing an exception

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