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Hello again...

We have one specific program made by people that is not in the market. (I know I should cut my veins now).

The issue that I can see is:

If I try to access a large part of data (some reports that have more than 300 pages) from a normal windows XP workstation with all the updates I get a message telling me that it has been impossible to transfer some metadata.

This happens even if I have the data in the linux server or in another windows server.

I've tried to use a Windows XP virtual machine with a basic setup not a lot of updates and no other software installed and it seems it works properly.

I guess that there are one or more updates that are interfering with the way that old software work... in fact the normal computers don't have strange softwares installed... only windows and office...

It is too much overkill to use a virtual machine in all the computers that must connect to this old system...

What would you do?

Truly I would like to avoid the virtual machine use, but I don't know how to continue... now I've run out of ideas.

Thank you in advance!
Updated 4-Jan-12 8:53am
TRK3 4-Jan-12 19:34pm    
It really depends on how many people need access to this data, how often, and how useful it is.

If the data is vital, I think you are going to have to figure out how to get it out of that obsolete format and into another program that isn't obsolete -- you'll need to do it eventually.

If it's not used very often or not all that vital, then there are various ways you can make it available (just on one machine that people have to walk over to to use, or login remotely to...).

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