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i am working on i have a datagridview (Customers) which contains the customer details such as phone number, address, company etc?? i want to get the values of the selected row into the textboxes and comboboxes respectively.... i have been able to get values into the textboxes but not into the comboboxes..... !!!

Pleaseee Help sooon..!!!!

Thanks In advance :) :)


Here '0' represents the column of the selected record.
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Cluelesssssss 10-Jan-12 10:13am    
Hi, thanks for the reply. this is for the textbox right?? could u give me codes for getting values into the combobox??

Thanks :)
dim Value as string = Datagridview1.selectedItem.cells(0).text

Have a read of this for more information
How to: Add and Remove Items from a Windows Forms ComboBox, ListBox, or CheckedListBox Control[^]
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Cluelesssssss 10-Jan-12 12:12pm    
hi....Thanks alot for the reply. In my case i have to load details of the selected row of the datagridview into the combobox. the details in the datagridview have been saved earlier to the database.!! i am using sql server 2008 as the backend
Simon_Whale 10-Jan-12 12:15pm    
it depends on what sort of information is to be stored in the combobox what information you want to get out of the combobox etc on what advice I could give
Cluelesssssss 10-Jan-12 12:17pm    
in my datagridview i have a column called Company, so the name of the company of teh selected row has to be shown in the combobox.!!
Simon_Whale 10-Jan-12 12:22pm    
dim Value as string = Datagridview1.CurrentRow.Cells(CoMpanyColumnNumber).Value

Just change the values of Combobox1 and datagridview1 for the names of the controls on your form
Cluelesssssss 11-Jan-12 0:29am    
i tried your codes. Its not working :(

any other way to do this??? please help!!! :(
i = datagridview1.CurrentRow.Index

 Combobox1.Text = datagridview1.Item(3,i).Value
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