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Hi I am designing a website in ASP.NET and C# in which i am doing following task.

There is a table List_of_Site which contains list of sites to be crawled. And another table Site1_Links which contains crawled data such as links, contents etc.

I have coded a program in c# in which i have a form Home.aspx in visual studio and there is a button named Crawl. Whenever i click on the button it fetches the sites from table List_of_Site one by one and then crawl them for new links available and the save them respectively at Site1_Links table.

But to do this i need to click on the button each time but i want something that can automate the process for some time interval say X minutes.

Please suggest a way ?

1 solution

If you want a process to run intermittently then you can do this quite simply in a couple of ways.
1) Write a simple application to wrap your crawling code and then schedule it using the Windows Task Scheduler.
2) Write a Windows Service application wrapper and build the scheduling code into the service application.
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LockedOut 11-Jan-12 22:03pm    
Thanks but can you guide me towards starting with Windows Service ?

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