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I have a large ammount of data read in a text box that I then need to split up
if I use a foreach statement to seperate on a character (#0D for instance)
I then need to split them in to array of strings will this be making life difficult
if I use the below (with delimeters as #0D)

string Data;
           //string[Number_Records] = Data_Values[Number_Records];
           int a =0;
           Data = rtbReturnedData.Text;
          // MessageBox.Show(Data);
           foreach (string subString in Data.Split(delimeters))
              // Data_Values[a] = subString;

The problem is subString then contains the seperate values, now I ideally need an array of strings that I can copy subString into an increase via the a integer.

The Number_Records is assigned before this point to allow for upload variable length files am i declaring the string array right? my intention as the values read back as hex, my thinking was a string is the best method of holding them, but all the examples I can find of string arrays use
string[Number_Records] = Data_Values[Number_Records];

but I can't seem to get it to work.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 12-Jan-12 11:51am    
Not clear? What is Number_Records, Data_Values? In "string[Number_Records] = ", where is the variable?!
What did you mean to do? What is "copy subString into an increase via the a integer". Even though you are doing something very simple, this is not answerable. Try "Improve question" above.

1 solution

Your issue can be solved much simpler with a small modification.
string Data;
int a=0;
string[] stringParts = Data.Split(delimeters);

Now you have a string array of the parts. If you look at string.Split, you will see that the return value is already the string array which is what you want.
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glennPattonWork3 12-Jan-12 10:37am    
Thanks for that, I was not aware of that, or in fact I had posted the question due to a blue screen (this PC is dying)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 12-Jan-12 11:52am    
Re-install the OS - maybe PC is not exactly dying.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 12-Jan-12 11:53am    
I don't know how you managed to understand the question; my 5 is just for that. :-)
glennPattonWork3 13-Jan-12 6:06am    
As I said PC died, it's not the OS it's a board issue due to overheating I'm guessing by the smell lack of heat sink compound used to add a very odd heatsink to a custom board! I was amazed I posted it and got a reply before my PC came back from the dead.

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