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Hi I am using windows application,
I want display time only 30 seconds after 30 seconds automatically timeout,the time format is 00:00:00 want this way anyone help me
Updated 2-Feb-12 0:42am

Create a timer
Create a class level timeout counter.
Set the interval to 1/10th second.
Subscribe to the Tick event
Set the timeout counter to 300 (30 times 10 times a second)
Start the timer.
In the Tick handler, show the elapsed time in a label.
Reduce the timeout counter by one.
If the counter is less than or equal to 0, stop the timer, and do whatever it is you wanted.
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Member 8614787 2-Feb-12 6:23am    
Hi all of u
Thanks for your Reply i try to work all things it's working no problem Thanks.
But what my question is display time in Hours:Minues:seconds(00:00:01) this way and after 30 minutes its automatically signout this is my query i think it's clear for all(windows application with only)
OriginalGriff 2-Feb-12 6:27am    
Sorry - I don't understand what you are trying to achieve.
Could you give a little more detail?
Member 8614787 2-Feb-12 7:52am    
i am using windows application i need display time like(00:00:01)hours,minutes,seconds format after 30 minutes i want timeout message display usinh with
OriginalGriff 2-Feb-12 8:12am    
And which part can't you do?
Member 8614787 3-Feb-12 1:46am    
In my code just display current system time only but i want start from 00:00:00
time format i thing are you clear help with me
Stopwatch[^] control may helps you

See the below link also[^]

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