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Hi guys

Hope someone can help me. I have the following code :
void responseCode (char challenge0,
                               char challenge1,
                               char challenge2,
                               char challenge3,
                               char challenge4,
                               char challenge5,
                               char* response0,
                               char* response1,
                               char* response2,
                               char* response3,
                               char* response4,
                               char* response5)
                                   char b0, b1, b2, b3, b4, b5;
                                   b0 = byteConv (challenge0, 0);
                                   b1 = byteConv (challenge1, 1);
                                   b2 = byteConv (challenge2, 2);
                                   b3 = byteConv (challenge3, 3);
                                   b4 = byteConv (challenge4, 4);
                                   b5 = byteConv (challenge5, 5);
                                   *response0 = Convert.ToChar((b1 + b2 - b3 + b4 - b5) ^ b0);
                                   *response1 = Convert.ToChar((b2 + b3 - b4 + b5 - b0) ^ b1);
                                   *response2 = Convert.ToChar((b3 + b4 - b5 + b0 - b1) ^ b2);
                                   *response3 = Convert.ToChar((b4 + b5 - b0 + b1 - b2) ^ b3);
                                   *response4 = Convert.ToChar((b5 + b0 - b1 + b2 - b3) ^ b4);
                                   *response5 = Convert.ToChar((b0 + b1 - b2 + b3 - b4) ^ b5);

However I get an error on this line : char* response0,
The error reads : Pointers and fixed size buffers may only be used in an unsafe context.

If anyone can assist it will be appriciated

Thanks in advance
Updated 6-Feb-12 21:28pm
zyck 7-Feb-12 3:21am
are you using c++?
asterisk is represent pointers in c++

removing * to char,response then build
What C++? Forget it. Tagged is .NET. It could be C# or C++/CLI.

In C#, you can only use pointers when you are in an unsafe method:
private unsafe void responseCode (char challenge0,...
You also have to specify "Allow unsafe code" in the project properties.

This is because pointers are really discouraged in C# - 99.9999% of the time, you do not need to use them, as references will do the job.
First of all, you should allow unsafe; this is the property of the project.
When you do it, use unsafe statement:[^].

Study this tutorial:[^].

Finally, ask yourself: why are you trying to use pointer? Usually, this is needed for interoperation with some unmanaged code, and in much more rare cases, for performance reasons.


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