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Hi , I want to implement chat messenger , can any body here to guide me that in which programming it is easier to implemet it.The messenger is like a Yahoo/Msn Messenger with some extra features which are not in the current Messenger . I just want to know from some expert programmer that it is whether suitable to code it in java or in some other language.
ease do participate in it,Thanks
Updated 7-Feb-12 23:12pm

We don't know what are your skills and habits. Easily? Hardly. If you wan to get anything good, anything at all — it's never easy. I would say easy is boring, how about you?

Now, any language from your list would fit.
(Of course assuming "VB" was just a bad joke.)

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LanFanNinja 8-Feb-12 0:19am    
+5 And I totally agree about the VB ( VB = Very Bad ?? :) )
C# for me hands down!
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 8-Feb-12 0:22am    
Thank you.
Abey Thomas 8-Feb-12 0:43am    
my 5 - This can be achieved by any programming language available as you said.. There were days when this question was relevant, and it can be relevant depending on the type of problem you are trying to solve. There is an article by Joel Spolsky [], which talks about the importance of knowing what your programming language can do before you choose it to solve your problem - not relevant in this case - nevertheless, a good read.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 8-Feb-12 10:22am    
Well, the selection of programming language is always relevant, but it is not defined by the criteria OP suggested...

Thank you, Abey,
TorstenH. 8-Feb-12 2:18am    
The Questioner has no "skills or habits", otherwise he won't ask such a question.
c# or java would be good enough
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I would suggest -

C# For rapid development,

C++ for better performance.

And if you are good with boost(C++) then you can develop repidly in C++ as well.

You can also use C++ for chat server and C# for chat client(GUI).
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