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Hello! I'm not a programmer, but I did manage to make our company's website using Visual Studio 2010 / vb / .net 4.0.

I'm trying to make an "employee login" portion for the website, where employees can store documents, edit their personal calendars, etc. So John Doe could try to login, but he'd be rejected. But if someone submitted a registration form that was emailed to me, and I approved it, they'd get a confirmation letter saying they may access the portal.

The accounts/login thing that comes with VS 2010 just doesn't work for me. If I got really advanced, I'd make it a complete portal where clients could login and obtain engineering drawings and such, but that's getting a little ahead of myself.

I've followed MSDN instructions / walkthroughs, I've googled, and I never get too far. Does anybody know of an open-source type of thing out there that could benefit me? Something where I could just plug certain files in -- hopefully not too much database work, as I'm not too comfortable with databases -- and just tinker with the code to get it to work on my website?

Any help our guidance in this regard would be greatly appreciated!

Jason Weber


DNN (dot net nuke) is a open source and it is providing some future like user management, user are allow to view portal after login, using portal user can upload the document and etc. but it not fulfill your 100% requirement you have to do some modification for fulfill your purpose. your there are lots of theme are freely available on internet and Microsoft is providing us free , Click here to download DNN.
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Jason P. Weber 16-Feb-12 11:49am    
Hey, thanks Dhol, about dotnetduke. I have seen it on the MS Web Platform Installer. Can I create a protected portal using dotnetduke, and then add it to my website, which was created in Visual Studio? Also, does dotnetduke have a friendly GUI so I would understand it, or does it involve complex programming? Thank you for taking the time to read my question and respond! I do appreciate your help!
Even I would prefer DotNetNuke.. It is very easy and an awesome CMS. You will find lot of help and tutorials online to get started. It is documented quite well. I would prefer you go to DNN through WebMatrix .. Good Luck :)
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