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I just created a .net web app in VS 2022 community issue 17.4.3 and noticed that the only configuration that comes up is DEBUG no RELEASE option.
Am I missing something? Previous web apps that I had built in VS 2017 had a RELEASE mode option.
Anyway I published the DEBUG version to the web server and it seems to run OK.

Did Microsoft do away with the release mode?


What I have tried:

Looked at the VS installation options. Had not loaded anything referencing C# since I don't use that.
Updated 11-Feb-23 10:44am

You should have both Debug and Release mode, if not run the VS installer again and check if any options are missing. If that does not help try the "repair" option.
It might also have to do with the web.config file, see:[^]
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To add to what Rick has said ...
Debug mode will work, but it both non-optimal (i.e. bigger and slower) than the release version, and includes lot of information to make debugging easier (i.e. references back to lines of code, considerably less optimisation so the executed code is closer to what you typed, and so forth.

Have you checked the "Debug" dropdown on the toolbar - it should contain two project types "the default debug version and the release option, or you should be able to right click the solution and select it from there.
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nor s 14-Feb-23 8:37am    
I figured out what was going on. I grabbed the wrong template ASP.NET web forms Site instead of ASP.NET web Application template. Creating an project using the latter has all the options I was looking for. Thanks for all the replies.


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