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I got the following problem.

I have a C script running on linux (Ubuntu 2.6), that controls a device. I have to create a remote control (in form of a website) for this function.

I can host a website on the same server, but how do I get a PHP script to call/execute the C script?
(JS would work too,but I dont really have an idea how to work with it and am low on time)

Thanks in advance
Updated 25-Jan-22 9:02am

PHP has several functions[^] for executing external programs. The choice of function mainly depends on what you want to do with the output of the program.
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Y0UR 12-Mar-12 9:27am    
Thanks, very useful link
You can run any program including compiled C programs and shell scripts in the shell by using back quotes and assigning the output to a variable. Be careful that the program is in the PATH and display the output. If it isn't you need to modify the PATH variable or use a valid absolute or relative path to the program. My example echoes out the default PATH for verification purposes:

echo `echo $PATH`;
$result=`myProg arg1 arg2 arg3`;
echo $result; #Or you can manipulate the result

I realized this is a 12 year old question but I came across it while looking for a question of my own - can PHP link to and use a binary C function call directly? The only solution I have at the moment is to wrap it in a full C program and use it as in the above example.

PHP 7.4+ has a set of functions under the category FFI - foreign function interface, that does precisely what I am looking for. It's overkill for what the questioner wants to do as they refer to a C script (no such thing), and I haven't tested myself yet. For those interested here's a tutorial on FFI.
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