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I need to create a Setup Project in Visual Studio 2010, of a C# Windows Application,
with some custom prerequisites (.NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile, MySQL Server, MySQL Connector).

Now what i have done is :

Created a Setup Project and added exe/msi files for mysql, connector.
Added the project output for the project i want to create setup for.
added some launch conditions and system search.

Now what happening is, it first executes MySQl Server setup, then MySQL Connector setup,
then Application exe.

Now its okey..

But what i want is first it should check whether mysql server is installed or not...
if not, then only it should execute the setup...
but it always executes the mysql server setup..

Please help...
Updated 15-Mar-12 1:11am
lukeer 15-Mar-12 6:04am    
Please explain in more detail what exacly you tried.
What did you expect to happen?
What happened instead?
DeepsMann 15-Mar-12 7:12am    
i have updated the question. Hope now its ok...

Try this. I guess you want to create prerequisites, BMG will help you to create prerequisites from setup file(MySql etc).[^]
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i found a lot of things, but didn't helped much.
So, finally i moved to Batch files.

I have added all prerequisites, my application and batch file to a folder.
Created a self extracting executable file and after extraction
the batch file is executed, which first checks for prerequisites
one by one and if they doesn't exist, continue for their installation
and if exists, continue for next.
After that, it install my Application.

yeah, i know the UI can't be customized,
and their would be the console screen.

But its working good.
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