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I am developing one software in VB.NET.

Now I am creating setup project and add all the Prerequisites that are needed in project.

this are

Prerequisite 1[^]

Prerequisite 2[^]

I am adding setup of all of the Prerequisites along with my project setup like this[^]

Now what i want to achieve is that

when I run my setup, it should be run on any of the version.

It should be run on both 32 bit version operating system and 64 bit operating system.

so it is possible that we can make single setup which will run on both of the version

or we have to make different setup for both 32 bit and 64 bit version.


second thing, what i want to achieve is that when I run my setup, it should check for
all the prerequisites are installed or not.

If any of the prerequisites are already installed then it should either remove its previous version and then installed prerequisites from my setup project.


If any of the prerequisites are already installed then it should skip installation of that particular item

So right now i want to achieve this ?

Creating this entire setup in visual studio 2010

What I have tried:

1. Created setup,

2. Added Prerequisites
Updated 10-Sep-21 20:36pm

1 solution

Don't know about the VS installer, but a dual 32/64 bits installer can be made with Inno Setup using the IsWin64 option. See: inno setup - how to detect 64bit platform by script[^]

You might also be interested in InnoDependencyInstaller: Download and install any dependency such as .NET, Visual C++ or SQL Server during your application's installation![^]

For a list of alternatives see: installers-for-windows-programs[^]
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Devendra Sarang 11-Sep-21 2:45am    

thanks for help. will give it try,

It will be good if i can achieve this VS installer otherwise have to move on to inno
RickZeeland 11-Sep-21 2:53am    
Some consider the VS installer a "Dead end" as it is not supported in newer versions of VS, so I would recommend using something else.

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