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C++ Code to move selected item from one list-box to another list-box...
I hope for a solution code in Borland C/C++ compiler or Dev C++ Compiler and not in any other advanced C programming languages such as C#...

Thanks in advance...
enhzflep 16-Mar-12 4:52am
This task is really quite easy. Though, clearly from your question - it's not something you're familiar with. I won't provide you with a solution, BUT I will give you the list of functions/messages needed.

malloc/calloc/new (any 1)
free/free/delete (any 1 - matching mem alloc function used)

Richard MacCutchan 16-Mar-12 5:47am
Don't forget LB_GETITEMDATA and LB_SETITEMDATA, as they may also be required.

I don't use either of the languages you mention, but this should just be a case of copying the item data from one listbox to the other, and then deleting it from the original. Or is there something more to this question that I have missed?
JackDingler 15-Mar-12 18:24pm
Yeah that's how you do it.

Get the text and item data from the source box, insert into the destination box, then remove the entry from the source.

Smells like homework.
Copy selected item from list control1 and remove it. Then add these items to the second list control. Simple. If you need the code in mfc, let me know

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