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in my java web services, I try to access twitter and get my frinds status and names, when I write this code;
Statuses response = client.getFriendsTimeline(Statuses.class, null, null, null, "10");
    String text = "";

    for (StatusType st : response.getStatus()) {
        text += st.getUser().getName() + ":  " + st.getText() + "\n";

And try fix import, but it doesnt work ,what am I do ?
TRK3 12-Apr-12 14:35pm    
Don't post a question here and say "it doesn't work" -- you won't get much help that way.

Describe exactly what happens. If you get an error message, then tell us what the error message is. If you get an unexpected behavior then tell us what behavior you were expecting and what you actually got.

The code fragment by itself isn't enough for anyone to tell what's wrong (unless there is an obvious syntax error in the code -- in which case there should be an error message that points to it).

Why don't you look here[^] for about 41,000,000 answers that might help?

I would guess that Twitter4J[^] merits special attention.

Best regards
Espen Harlinn
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There is definitely not enough pink in your code and so it won't work if any of your friends are girls.

[Alternatively how about an error message. Your snippet tells us nothing:
- Is it a runtime or compile error?
- What are the class types?
- What jar's have you included in your project?

Expand your question and maybe, just maybe, more help will be forthcoming.
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