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Hi Guys,

I need some help on a project, I need to do something innovative for a college project. It is worth a big chunk of my overall grade and am hoping someone can help.

Basically I need some code that will be relevant to my overall theme, my website(work in progress):

Building the site using visual studio 2010. It doesnt have to be anything ridiculously complicated, maybe how to code a slideshow using vb or incorporate some animation to one of the pages. Any other suggestions are appreciated.

Project Spec is available to anyone interested!

Any help is appreciated.

S@53K^S 16-Apr-12 14:25pm    
Wrong place to post the question.This is for helping seekers resolve problems that they are facing,with the code.Sorry have to down vote this.
R. Giskard Reventlov 16-Apr-12 14:44pm    
Did you miss the bit that says your lecturer is probably reading this? And he now knows that you can't do this on your own?
Nelek 16-Apr-12 17:08pm    
If we gave you a solution you were not learning anything. So you should start trying it on your own and if you face a concrete problem that you can not solve alone, then feel free to come back, describing what you want to do, what you have tried and the error you got. Doing it in that way, you will receive the help you need to continue.

1 solution

Using your project spec you should pick something specific and then get started on it. When you get stuck, please ask us for help and we would be very eager to help.

Look into jQuery and jQuery plug-ins. There are some very easy to use plug-ins that can make sites look and interact nicely.
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