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Dear All;

I need to create a simple application to enter data and save in access database;
What i want is to add the access database as an embedded resource in the application so that it is not visible along with the application executable and use this internal database as backend . I have tried adding it in project resources but it takes format of byte[] unlike image etc that retain original form...

Is it possible to do ? Any suggestions?

Thanks in Advance.........!

1 solution

No, it is not normal to embed any read/write object as an embedded resource.
Instead store it in the program data folder, under a different extension if necessary, and encrypted.
There is a Tip here that talks about storing data in the correct location: Where should I store my data?[^]
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Mantu Singh 4-May-12 11:07am    
Thanks for reply sir!.....
Nice article
So there is no way out...?
Actually I need to give this app to operators for data entry after which
collect it back and merge it on single database.......

i wanted that operators may not see the MDB file and mess with eg. copy data from it
(password is not enough it can easily be cracked by free tools) so i thought of embedding it in exe itself
OriginalGriff 4-May-12 11:56am    
Nope - embedding it in the EXE means the exe need to be re-written every time they update the DB. Ignoring the multiuser problems that would entail, and related fun and games, it would also trigger every virus scanner on the PC...:laugh:

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