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hi experts

one sql server in local
one application has been uploaded to internet.

the application must use sql server. i got a static ip but i coudn't set web config and connection string. yes i searched google and i did several solutions.

the application or solution has many projects like data access, business and

data access works with entityframework4 that is connected to a local sql server 2008 in my computer.

the questions are:
1. can i add web service between database and data access?
2. if yes, will i have to change all data access code?
3. can enity framework update its model from web service instead of sql server directly? (it's database first)
4. will you guid me how i can get ride of this problem?

thanks for any help

1 solution

You might check out this article:

Implementing a WCF Service with Entity Framework[^]
Vartan Khachatourian 18-May-12 12:41pm
thank you but 1. I didn't asked about wcf i said "web service" i now wcf is for web service too but my question is more general and i don't want to use wcf because i don't know it. 2. my questions are distinguished and i need their answers here, not a link to an artcile that doesn't contain my answers.
Clifford Nelson 19-May-12 0:12am
In the newer frameworks it is recommended that WCF be used for Web Services. It is not that hard to set up a basic Web Service in WCF. Then if you need to enhance with security, or whatever, you will find it is much easier. WCF has been available for 4 years, almost half the lifetime of .NET. Time to move up to WCF. To see a very basic example look at

Hope this helps somewhat.

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