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Hi everyone!!!
Lets see, i'm not a programmer but i'd been trying to built a program to use some leds from a HOTAS (fligh sim hardware), right now i'm trying to get the handler to this device.
The problem is that i dont understand what VC try to tell me with this error:

error LNK2028: unresolved token (0A000344) "public: void __thiscall LogitechControllerInput::ControllerInput::Update(void)" (?Update@ControllerInput@LogitechControllerInput@@$$FQAEXXZ) referenced in function "int __cdecl main(void)" (?main@@$$HYAHXZ)

And of course this is the program that suppose to get the device handler:

// Test Led.cpp : main project file.

#include "stdafx.h"
#include <LogiJoystick.h>
#include <LogiControllerInput.h>

using namespace System;
using namespace LogitechControllerInput;

ControllerInput* g_controller;
int main()

        for (INT ii = 0; ii < LG_MAX_CONTROLLERS; ii++)
                if (g_controller->IsConnected(ii))
                        int u=0;
                if (g_controller->IsConnected(ii,LG_MODEL_G940_THROTTLE))
                        device_ = g_controller->GetDeviceHandle(ii);

So please Obi One you are my last hope.

1 solution

The message is telling you that it cannot find the method LogitechControllerInput::ControllerInput::Update() which is defined somewhere outside of your main program. You need to modify your project to include the (Logitech) library that contains this method.
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Member 9006781 30-May-12 10:21am    
That is defined in the #include <logicontrollerinput.h>.... and inside the proyect folder.
Thanks for the comment
Richard MacCutchan 30-May-12 10:32am    
It may be defined in the #include file but that is not the object code that the linker needs to find from the library.
Member 9006781 30-May-12 11:46am    
Well, the thing is that this method is not in another library, it's in a .ccp. If it was a library i should use the linker input, but .ccp i dont know what to do.
Richard MacCutchan 30-May-12 12:00pm    
Then you need to compile it into a .obj file and make sure it gets included by the linker. If, as you said earlier, it is included in the project, then this should happen automatically.

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