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I'm trying to make a call from code using asterisk, the number i want to call (522) rings but when I pickup the phone there is nothing, nothing happen even on 525, number that should be making the call

do i miss something?

help would be appreciated


this is the code:

Dim myManagerConn As New ManagerConnection()
myManagerConn.Hostname = ""
myManagerConn.Username = "username"
myManagerConn.Password = "password"
myManagerConn.Port = 5038

Dim oc As New Asterisk.NET.Manager.Action.OriginateAction()
oc.Context = "default"
oc.Priority = 1
oc.Channel = "SIP/522"
oc.CallerId = "Asterisk.NET"
oc.Exten = "525"
oc.Timeout = 30000
oc.Async = True

Dim r As Asterisk.NET.Manager.Response.ManagerResponse
r = myManagerConn.SendAction(oc, oc.Timeout)

javedlasi 28-Dec-18 12:21pm    
Dear did you find the solution? I also trying to make VoIP call using Asterisk but can't find any help anywhere. Can you help me please?

Ask your question here[^].

It's EXTREMELY unlikely anyone who has used this library is ever going to see your question here.

What you have questions about a specific library, it's best to ask the people who wrote it or find a forum dedicated to that library.
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var originateAction = new OriginateAction();
var originateResponse = new ManagerResponse();
originateAction.Priority = 1;
originateAction.Channel = channelToUse;

originateAction.CallerId = "FCONUCDialler";

originateAction.Exten = outgoingNumber;
originateAction.Timeout = timeout; // timeout in ms
originateAction.Data = outgoingNumber;
// originateAction.Variable = "VAR1=ABC|VAR2=25"; // If you need to pass variables to the dialplan

originateAction.Account = "SIP/" + outgoingNumber;
// originateAction.Application = "Dial";

originateAction.Async = true;

originateResponse = ApplicationVariables.manager.SendAction(originateAction, timeout);
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MikeGarcia 23-Mar-17 18:30pm    
Have you encountered any "Permission Denied" response while you're developing it? I keep on getting "Permission Denied" response everytime I call any action in SendAction command. Thanks.

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