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Hi all,i have a gridview that displays user input data as 27734404647

how can i replace the 27 with 0

thank you
Updated 11-Jun-12 3:30am

Hi Vtec16,
Here is the code-
For RowsCount = 0 To DataGridView1.Rows.Count - 2
For Each dgvr As DataGridViewRow In DataGridView1.Rows
      dgrv.Cells(0).Value = dgvr.Cells(0).Value.ToString.Replace("Text","anothertext")
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Vtec16 11-Jun-12 8:30am    
awesome,it works,,thanks Javed
Jαved 11-Jun-12 9:35am    
Glad it helped.
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Vtec16 11-Jun-12 5:15am    
how would i put this in?
Vtec16 11-Jun-12 5:21am    
iv tried this.....if (BenMsisdnVal != "") ussdReport.Rec.BeneficiaryContactNumber.ToString().Replace("27", "0");

and its not doing anything
Get the cell value and then use simple string operations (replace, indexOf) to update this value.

Or else, you can do this when you setup your dataset (using queries).
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Vtec16 11-Jun-12 5:18am    
Hi,Iv tried that as im using a datastore that was created as a standard programming procedure and im using optional parameters in my queries that has been set up in a seperate xml file,maybe im doing this wrong.please help

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