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I have created a DLL in VB.Net using COM Class.

I am using it in VB6 code. It works fine in my system. I build a exe of the vb6 and use in other systems.When i try to use in other system i need to register the DLL using command Prompt using the following

regasm "location of the DLL("E:\Dlltet.dll") : Dlltest.tlb /codebase

As this DLL has to be used in many systems, can anyone help me

How can i register the .Net DLL using regasm throgh my VB6 code so that i need not register using command prompt everytime.

I would be thankful if anyone could help me.

Thanks in advance..

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 16-Jun-12 23:54pm    
Why doing all that, ever?

You do this by creating an installer for your application, which will automatically handle registering your components on the system.

Whether that's a Windows Install based installation or some batch file that copies everything to where it's supposed to be and does the registration is up to you.
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You need to create installer for the VB6.0 exe, maybe u can use Installshield wizard which u can download freely. I had the same problem and it was resolved this way only.
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This is what you need to implement:
1.Check if regasm.exe exist as shown
command = Environ$("WINDIR") & "\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\" & "regasm.exe"
    If (Not FileExists(command)) Then
        RegisterRegAsm = RegAsmEnum.NoFrameWorkInstalled
        Exit Function
    End If

2. Put a command together as shown
command = command & " /codebase "
    command = command & Chr(34) & App.Path & "\yourfile.dll" & Chr(34) & " /tlb:yourfile.tlb"

3. Execute using shell command and check for return value as shown
res = Shell(command, 0)
if (res=0)then

end if
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LakshmiNagaraj 26-Jun-12 2:52am    
Thank you...
I am aware this post is old....

I have crated an installer using in built Visual Studio which registers my .tlb file.

But for any updates I have to install it again on each and every client machine.

Is the any other solution using which we can implement this?

What I have in mind is writing down a code which checks if tlb is not registered it will copy it from a xyz location and then register it through code. But as I am new to VB6 I am not able to do this.

If you have any solution please can you help me out.
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CHill60 17-Dec-13 6:14am    
If you have a question then use the Ask a Question link - don't post further questions as solutions to old questions as not very many people will view it

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