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Hi Friends,

I am having two drop down lists one is start date and second one is end date
in the drop down list i am having years.Now i want to validate that end date should always greater than start date.i.e when i selected an year 2000 in the start date and if i select year less than 2000 in the second end drop down it should show an validation message.

Please provide me any help

Updated 30-Oct-17 7:25am

i think this will help you[^]

Check the Operator and Type Property
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Vani Kulkarni 26-Jun-12 0:32am    
Good answer 5!
Try this:
function DateCheck()
  var StartDate= document.getElementById('txtStartDate').value;
  var EndDate= document.getElementById('txtEndDate').value;
  var eDate = new Date(EndDate);
  var sDate = new Date(StartDate);
  if(StartDate!= '' && StartDate!= '' && sDate> eDate)
    alert("Please ensure that the End Date is greater than or equal to the Start Date.");
    return false;

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function ValidateEndDate() {
       var startDate = $("txtfromdate").val();
       var endDate = $("txttodate").val();
       if (startDate != '' && endDate !='') {
           if (Date.parse(startDate) > Date.parse(endDate)) {
               alert("Start date should not be greater than end date");
       return false;
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anurag19289 8-Nov-13 12:08pm    

You can call a javacript function in "onchage" of the 2nd dropdown.

First of all register both the dropdowns with hidden fields in the page load like
Page.RegisterHiddenField("hidden field name", dropdownid.ClientID);

Then in the javascript, get the value of both the dropdowns like

Then check appropriately as you want, like
if(value of 1st dropdwn < value of 2nd drop down), show a message like
Alert("Your message")

Happy Coding :)
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priya0143 27-Jun-12 0:31am    
Thank you Mohammed Mitwalli,
I don't want alert boxes.I want a validation message right to the drop down list

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