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<asp:TextBox ID="txtDatePicker" runat="server"></asp:TextBox> 
    <asp:ImageButton runat="Server" ID="Image1" ImageUrl="~/Images/calendar.png" AlternateText="Click to show calendar" /> 
    <ajaxToolkit:CalendarExtender Format="dd/MM/yyyy" ID="CalendarExtender1" TargetControlID="txtDatePicker"  runat="server" PopupButtonID="Image1" />

<%@ Register Src="~/Modules/datePicker.ascx" TagName ="datePicker" TagPrefix ="uc1"  %>
Start Date   <uc1:datePicker ID="datePickerSD"  runat="server" >
End Date     <uc1:datePicker ID="datePickerED"  runat="server" />
 <asp:CustomValidator  ID="CustomValidator1"  ControlToValidate="datePickerED"
                      ErrorMessage="End date should be greater than start date" runat="server"

How to get clientid of datePickerSD?
TheKarateKid 25-Feb-15 9:02am    
How you are validating the Start Date and End Date, are you validating using JavaScript/CustomValidator? Where is that function written in register.aspx ?
If you are using JavaScript the you can get the id of a control by <%= datePickerSD.ClientID %> to get the Client ID
If you are using jQuery then you can use jQuery selector like $('#[id$=_datePickerSD]'); to get the control and so on
What have you tried?
Member 9018012 26-Feb-15 5:29am    
I try to get clientId but not working...

1 solution

<asp:comparevalidator id="compareValidatorDate" runat="server" controltovalidate="datePickerED$txtDatePicker" controltocompare="datePickerSD$txtDatePicker" cultureinvariantvalues="true" xmlns:asp="#unknown">
                                           ErrorMessage="End date should be greater than start date" Operator="GreaterThanEqual" SetFocusOnError="false" Type="String" Display="Dynamic" EnableClientScript="true" Font-Size="Small" ForeColor="Red"></asp:comparevalidator>
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