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Hello guys,

I have a project that my customer wants to track the continers in the asp project.
Is there anyone who knows how to track it by codes?


John Orendt 26-Jun-12 6:03am    
maybe class HashTable
haluk_78 26-Jun-12 6:15am    
How can I use HashTable?
Can you show me a sample pls?

1 solution

The basic structure of this application would be a table that contained each container, a different table that contained the position of each container (could be multiple entries), a page/method to update where the container is, and this ASP.NET page to show the progress of the container. The ASP.NET page you are asking for should be very simple. Your customer could enter the unique container number on the page. The page would then just look up the container information and also each position the container has been in. All of that data would then get displayed on the web page.

If you need an example of how this would work, look at the UPS/FedEx tracking systems. They track packages this way. In fact, most shipping companies now share this type of information with their customers.
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haluk_78 26-Jun-12 6:55am    
My customer send their products by MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) so do we need them to give us a xml link to track containers in our asp project?
Tim Corey 26-Jun-12 8:07am    
If MSC is doing the shipping, what exactly are you going to do in your site to "track" the container? That would be the job of MSC unless you are going to get all of the data from MSC and then just display it in your site. At that point, it would be up to MSC how they are willing to give you the data. You just need to display it then.
haluk_78 27-Jun-12 5:15am    
I got it.. I've already contacted with MSC shipping company. If they can give me the XML or webservice then we can track the containers from our asp .net project.

Thanks Tim, if anything I need to know or you can tell me pls let me know.. :)
Tim Corey 27-Jun-12 8:36am    
Great. I'm glad you figured it out. The only thing left, then is to mark this question as complete so that others know you don't need more help. Thanks.
haluk_78 27-Jun-12 9:40am    
Yeah, they gave me the webservice... :)
I am so happy :)

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