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Hi Guys

I have been asked to solve an issue - same as the one posted here;[^]

I have managed to get the rectangles up and displaying, the problem i am having is when i try to get them all on one touching and NOT overlapping -
if i manually add 3 RANDOM rectangles i can get 2 of them to look perfect, the last will appear in random and overlapping.

If i manually set the properties of the rectangles, i can accomplish what i am wanting - hence, the confusion;

The below code works;
rectangles = new List<rectangle>();
            Rectangle rect4 = new Rectangle(10, 160, 100, 100);
            Rectangle rect5 = new Rectangle(rect4.X + rect4.Width, 160, 120, 120);
            Rectangle rect6 = new Rectangle(rect5.X + rect5.Width, 160, 100, 140);
            Rectangle rect7 = new Rectangle(rect6.X + rect6.Width, 160, 100, 80);

Yet the following loop doesn't;
Rectangle foo = GetRandomRectangle(rng);
            Rectangle bar = GetRandomRectangle(rng);
            Rectangle car = GetRandomRectangle(rng);
            List<rectangle> rectangles = new List<rectangle>();

foreach (Rectangle rect in rectangles)
if (rect.Height > TallestRectangle) { TallestRectangle = rect.Height; }
foreach (Rectangle rect in rectangles)
if (PreviousRectangleX + PreviousRectangleWidth == 0)
graphics.DrawRectangle(pen1, new Rectangle(rect.X, (TallestRectangle - rect.Height), rect.Width, rect.Height));
graphics.DrawRectangle(pen1, new Rectangle((PreviousRectangleX + PreviousRectangleWidth), (TallestRectangle - rect.Height), rect.Width, rect.Height));
PreviousRectangleX = rect.X;
PreviousRectangleWidth = rect.Width;

Function GetRandomRectagle;
private Rectangle GetRandomRectangle(Random rnd)
            int x = rnd.Next(4, 110);
            int y = rnd.Next(4, 110);
            int width = rnd.Next(4, 110);
            int height = rnd.Next(4, 110);
            Rectangle rec = new Rectangle(x, y, width, height);
            return rec

Any help would be greatly appreciated?

Updated 12-Jul-12 22:00pm

You don't appear to set TallestRectangle to anything - I would try initializing it outside the outer loop to a negative value.
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hexie 13-Jul-12 3:11am    
I forgot to add, i do initialize [TallestRectangle] above -
int TallestRectangle = 0;
The are staying on the same base / bottom line. The problem is that they are overlapping each other - i would like each rectangle to start from the edge of the previous one.
I have managed to get the rectangles to draw as wanted, i am now in the process of implementing a loop for them all, will keep you posted.
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Hi Guys

Keeping with this post, i was thinking of the best way to achieve this;
"Generate the requested amount of rectangles and write them to file (in a human readable).
Read the randomly generated input rectangles from the file generated from the above step"

I have done the first step using a bmp / jpg file (i.e. i save the image of the rectangles) and was wondering if there might be a better way to read this file back now (for the next step) or alternatively, should i be saving the rectangles differently?

Code i use to save the rectangles to file;

Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap(this.Width-100, this.Height-100 , graphics);
using (Graphics g = Graphics.FromImage(bmp))
g.DrawRectangles(pen1, rectangles.ToArray());
graphics.DrawRectangles(pen1, rectangles.ToArray());
bmp.Save(Application.StartupPath + "\\Rectangle_Image.jpg", System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Jpeg);

Any help is much appreciated.

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