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How can we write into a dropdown?
Raje_ 20-Jul-12 6:56am
What do you mean Shivani?
Shivani Dash 20-Jul-12 7:01am
Actually i want 2 ask that,how we can enter/write something in dropdown,after which data are populate in the list.means we can add data.
Raje_ 20-Jul-12 7:03am
Check Solution 1, I think that well help you.
Shivani Dash 20-Jul-12 7:09am
ya had tried that but during buiding the project it shows errorpage called "No source found"
Raje_ 20-Jul-12 7:12am
Did you add AjaxControlToolkit dll file to your project?
Sandeep Mewara 20-Jul-12 7:10am
You don't learn... do you? :doh:
Shivani Dash 20-Jul-12 7:16am
ur mentioned in ur sight dt insulted r nt allowed n u r doin so..........

You can use AjaxToolKit ComboBox control
ComboBox in
Shivani Dash 20-Jul-12 7:05am
ya had tried but it shows a error page during build the project.
uspatel 20-Jul-12 7:07am
what error occurs
Shivani Dash 20-Jul-12 7:10am
"No sorce found"
uspatel 20-Jul-12 7:12am
do you have download ajaxtoolkit dll and refrence it in you project?
Shivani Dash 20-Jul-12 7:19am
ya ya...evrything is working properly but when building the project it comes.if u gv ur email add i will show you a snap shot
Go through this article:-
Custom ASP.NET Editable DropDownList[^]

Good luck.
_Amy 20-Jul-12 7:26am
Nice Link.. My +5!
Shivani Dash 20-Jul-12 7:45am
Shivani Dash 20-Jul-12 7:50am
the link u hv said nt wrkg properly...can we do by using jscript/jquery?
Raje_ 20-Jul-12 7:58am
try this:-
Shivani Dash 20-Jul-12 7:59am
evrything is working properly but when building the project it comes.if u gv ur email add i will show you a snap shot.
Shivani Dash 20-Jul-12 8:03am
it dsnt adding?Sorry but didnt get ds.. :(
Shivani Dash 20-Jul-12 8:05am
M sorry m disturbing but really need ds in my project.

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