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Probably A stupid question but I think I better check with the experts :-)

In the past I have initialized/ declared delegates in a separate module making them accessible throughout the whole solution

Delegate Delegate_NO_parameter()

Then, I have been using this same delegate in numerous places in my code (different modules / forms)

Sub 1 ()
   Dim d As New Delegate_NO_parameter(AddressOf X) 
End sub

Sub 2 ()
   Dim d As New Delegate_NO_parameter(AddressOf Y) 
End sub

Now I know this might not be the proper way of doing so but so fare I've never had an issue with it - until now ...

Is it possible that by doing so, the callback's could get cross referenced = instead of calling Sub X it might call Sub Y if both get invoked at the "same" Time
I don't think it should - but in my code I was able to fix an issue that has been bugging me for days by just "moving" similar callbacks around a bit ???

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I messed up -a timer_tick in my worker thread was messing with a global variable
= moving code around just changed the timing = resulting in inconstant results

- I'll keep using delegates as I have in the past :-)

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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 7-Jun-13 15:41pm    
Aha, very nice. Not only you post this non-answer here, you even self-accepted it formally. Trying to cheat?

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