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As you can see in the picture around Jesse Furher has a black border line, how can i remove that line for all cells?

<img src='' alt='Image Hosting' border='0'>

<DataGrid SelectionUnit="FullRow" SelectionMode="Extended"  ItemsSource="{Binding Path=DataClienti}" AutoGenerateColumns="False" Height="257" Margin="11,34,114,0" Name="dataGrid1" VerticalAlignment="Top" DataContext="{Binding}" IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem="True" GridLinesVisibility="Horizontal">

                        <DataGridTextColumn Width="60" IsReadOnly="True"  Header="Nr. crt" Binding="{Binding Id}" SortDirection="Descending"></DataGridTextColumn>
                        <DataGridTextColumn Width="0.3*" IsReadOnly="True" Header="Nume Client" Binding="{Binding NumeClient}"></DataGridTextColumn>
                        <DataGridTextColumn Width="0.3*" IsReadOnly="True" Header="Tip Utilaj" Binding="{Binding TipUtilaj}"></DataGridTextColumn>
                        <DataGridTextColumn Width="0.3*" IsReadOnly="True" Header="Telefon" Binding="{Binding Telefon}"></DataGridTextColumn>
                        <DataGridTextColumn Width="0.3*" IsReadOnly="True" Header="Mecanic" Binding="{Binding Mecanic}"></DataGridTextColumn>
                        <DataGridTextColumn Width="0.2*" IsReadOnly="True" Header="Cost" Binding="{Binding Cost}"></DataGridTextColumn>
Updated 22-Jul-12 3:38am
woutercx 22-Jul-12 9:35am    
I can't solve it if you don't show the XAML...
Kenneth Haugland 22-Jul-12 9:45am    
Add a style that targets DataGridCell and set some of the boundaries to 0 or nothing or something like that....

You could take a look at these properties:[^]

if that doesn't work, you would have to modify the default template for the DataGrid, but it's rather advanced..[^][^]
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                       <style targettype="DataGridCell">


                               <trigger property="IsSelected" value="True">

                                   <setter property="BorderThickness" value="0" />




after i saw the examples i realized that i can create a setter on the property isselected and this solved my GUI problem
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