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how to keep relations ships between clases,

how many types of relation ship ,

how to create one to one and one to many.

[no name] 5-Aug-12 6:34am    
Just Three Sentence to explain what is in your mind?!!
Nobody can got your point.
Kenneth Haugland 5-Aug-12 7:07am    
Is this realted to SQL server, or is this programming in general. As it is now, this is not a question,
jameschowdaree 5-Aug-12 10:21am    
i was clearly given about c# classes,
Zoltán Zörgő 5-Aug-12 8:26am    
Looks like you need something like Entity Framework code first. Start here:, than here:
jameschowdaree 5-Aug-12 9:07am    

In OO there are many important types of relationships to name a few
- aggregation : a class refers to another one, but the class has no ownership of the referred class
- composition : a class refers to anothr one, and has ownership of the referred class
- inheritance : this is a "is a" relationship.

Another aspect is the cardinality. If a class contains for instance an array of another class the cardinality is * or max dimention of the array.

But this is all pretty basic stuff. If you don't know all this you should really read a good book about OO programming in general. Perhaps even UML because UML is all about relationships between classes both statically and dynamically.
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jameschowdaree 16-Aug-12 22:19pm    
here i got ,Thanks Phillip
This is really a basic question that you could finmd the answer to by looking in Microsoft's Visual Studio manual:[^]

So I guess its back to basics :)
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jameschowdaree 5-Aug-12 10:23am    
the links is about basic of c#, im not looking for this, im asking for the c# classes and its relationship.
thanks for reply

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