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1.    Security Module

a)            The module includes Login and Logout features.


b)    The module is able to differentiate various users’ authorisation levels. Based on the user’ identity, the system will grant or restrict the user accessibility according to his or her authority. For instance, a Sales Personnel is only allowed to view and edit a record, while an administrative staff is authorised to add, view, edit and delete records.



c)    Password should be encrypted before added into the database. Decryption has to be done to the password that stored at the database before compare the password entered by the user.



2.    Customer Maintenance Module

a)    This module must encompass to maintain customer information. The module should have the functionalities of add, view, edit, and delete records from a database.


b)    Optional: Allow the user to calculate the total sales amount for a given unit price and quantity of product for different sales



3.    Sales Module

a)   Allow the Sales Personnel to register the customer and enter all the sales quantity and unit price of the products.,


b)    View and edit the sales order status for a selected group of customers.


c)    Inform the Sales personnel once he/she login about those products that are not available.


4.    Inventory and Purchasing Module

a)    This module is allowed the Sales Personnel to record down the inventory and delivery details


b)    Allow the Sales Personnel to specify the stock movement due to sales order such as if an order is confirmed it will reduce the quantity on hand..


c)    Inform the Purchasing Personnel that those products with the quantity that less than the threshold (less than 50) units and allow the Purchasing personnel to order the product from the supplier



5.    Report Module

a)   Produce Sales Detail Report for customers (Appendix A)



b)    Produce Inventory movement Report for reordering from supplier (Appendix B)


c)    Produce Purchasing order Report for management (Appendix C)


d)    Produce the Summary of Sales and inventory movement per month report that contains the total of sales amount and inventory available on hand for each product. This report should print out the reason for  reordering if the product quantity is less than Threshold unit. (The quantity for this product should be highlighted.)

I've tried to clean this up, but it's still a copy and paste of a spec, or at least the title page of a spec.  I can't imagine what this user wants from us, unless it's for us to do his project.  It was illegible before, but it's still a really bad excuse for a programming question.

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All I can say is what? Now I must type in a few more characters.
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