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I have a form which contains textboxes,"search" button.when user enter the values and click on the button I have to display the search details. and I have to display no.of searchresults: no.of search results i have obtained by using array.length; I want to use this value in another view I put this value in the sessionStorage.setItem("getCount",len); I am concatinating this value in the other view page like:

Search Results:" + sessionStorage.getItem('getCount') + "

I am getting the number of search results when user enters the value in the form. but when user enter no values in the form then at the searchresults: it is displaying "null".but i want to display "0" insted of null. how can i do this.
Updated 13-Aug-12 2:36am
Santhosh Kumar Jayaraman 13-Aug-12 6:50am    
which language you are using?
charan1431 13-Aug-12 6:51am,mvc3 and html5
Kenneth Haugland 13-Aug-12 6:51am    
Think you need to hardcode it :)

If you're using C# then a simple if-else statement should work. Something like:
..."Search Results:" + sessionStorage.getItem('getCount') == null ? 0 : (int)sessionStorage.getItem('getCount')
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charan1431 13-Aug-12 7:14am    
I gave like this
Search Results:" + sessionStorage.getItem('getCount') == null ? 0 :sessionStorage.getItem('getCount') + "
It is displaying only "null",not even displaying SearchResults: also
Though you not mentioned here what language you used for coding but it may be something like that...
if(sessionStorage.getItem('getCount').toString() == '0')
  then print 0;  //or your preferred message
  Search Results:" + sessionStorage.getItem('getCount') + "  //your preferred work
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