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I have built a GUI on which I want to show sine and cosine graphs.

The code for drawing the graph is :
while(x1 < getWidth()) {
                x2 = x1 + 1;
                y2 = (int)(340 - ((Math.sin(1.5*i*Math.PI/180) * 80)));
                g2.drawLine(x1, y1, x2, y2);
                x1 = x2;
                y1 = y2;
x1 = 300;   // x co-ordinate of interpolated origin
y1 = 340;   // y co-ordinate of interpolated origin

while(x1 > 0) {
                x2 = x1 - 1;
                i = -1;
                y2 = (int)(340 - ((Math.sin(1.5*i*Math.PI/180) * 80)));
                g2.drawLine(x1, y1, x2, y2);                
                x1 = x2;
                y1 = y2;

1.5(degrees) is the scale on my x-axis(relative to the GUI co-ordinates). and 1/80 i.e, 0.0125 is the scale on y-axis(relative to the GUI co-ordinates). The code for first part (positive angles) is working correctly. But all I get is a straight line for the second part(negative angles). Can you please point out where am I getting wrong in my code for second part.
Thank you.
Updated 31-Aug-12 2:53am

1 solution

Just adding phases solved my problem, it has been a long time since I used trigonometry or the"ALL SILVER TEA CUPS" idiom. For sine wave I have added a phase of PI/2 and for cosine wave I have added a phase of (1.5)*PI.
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