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Hi Friends,

I am try to write a code for Image processing using windows forms. In my database or drive I have 5 plant images. At the run time of my application I captured new Image for plant. My Questions are
1. How to compare Captured Image and database Images are identical or not?
2. How to Compare Image Object(i.e Image with in the Image)?
3. How to Calculate Plant height & Width for plant in Image?

Please help me. Thanks in advance...

Pavan Kumar

Image recognition is a massive topic with a variety of solutions. Nobody is going to be able to answer your questions in a small reply. You're going to have to do some reading. Here are some starting places.

Now, if you want to just check if the images are exactly equal pixel for pixel, that is much easier. You just compare each pixel in image 1 to each pixel in image 2. If any of the pixels are not equal, the images are not exactly the same.
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As someone else said, this is a LOT of work. For point 3, the simple answer is, you probably can't. You need a scale to do this, that is, you need a point of reference, otherwise, all you can work out is it's size relative to other things in the image. If you also expect to work out things like distance and perspective, the task is close to impossible.
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