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I am taking image using Raspberry pi and i want to transfer it to my PC for image processing but i dont have any idea how to do it.

What I have tried:

right now i havent did any thing
Updated 24-Feb-23 6:43am

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There's a lot of ways, depending on what the context is. If you want to pull it from the windows box, then perhaps look into samba: Samba: Set up a Raspberry Pi as a File Server for your local network - The MagPi MagazineThe MagPi Magazine[^]. Other options would be ftp or scp. Depending on your programming skills, and needs, you might even write a service on the windows box that the pi connects to and sends the image.
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Meharsyed 20-Jun-19 16:58pm    
thank you for you answer really appreciated i have installed filezilla server on my laptop and coded the following code on raspberry pi. pi is taking image but not sending it to laptop why is this so? is there anything else to do?

import ftplib
import picamera
from time import sleep

# Taking Image
camera= picamera.PiCamera()
session=ftplib.FTP('PC ip','bebe','1111') #PC ip means windows pc ip
file = open('/home/pi/image1.jpg','rb')
session.storbinary('STOR image.jpg',file)
[no name] 24-Feb-23 23:31pm    
Hi, did it work? I was searching for a code similar to this..thanks !
Also in the line session.storbinary('STOR image.jpg',file), should it be image1.jpg instead of image.jpg since you have used image1.jpg earlier....?? Thanks again...

k5054 21-Jun-19 12:31pm    
Check the firewall on the laptop, and also the pi. FTP listens on port 21, which should be open for your local LAN. If you haven't already done so, do some other basic network troubleshooting, like confirming that you can ping the laptop from the pi. If filezilla is running correctly on the laptop, you should be able to use the commandline ftp client on the pi to connect and transfer a file. If all that seems fine, then I would create a new question asking the python experts what the problem is.

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