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hello everybody ...
I'm working on a java servlet / jsp project using eclipse and apache tomcat 5.5 and plsql to manage the oracle database , everything was OK until i tried to update my project instance using svn after a long time , where svn path was changed , i completed updating the database and the project , but after that i faced the next problem ...

when i try to insert the url of my project in the browser , the browser starts to load it over and over like it is in an infinite loop ... it doesn't stop loading ever ...

please help ...
thanks in advance ...
[no name] 9-Sep-12 8:50am    
And what exactly do you think anyone can help with? Could you provide any kind of help to someone based on the zero amount of relevant information that you have provided here?
mido_h_89 9-Sep-12 9:03am    
i just thought it was a common problem ... and experts may figure it directly ...
and btw if u cant help u can stay silent ... problem ?
[no name] 9-Sep-12 9:09am    
How is it that you know that I cannot help? And who are you to tell me to not say anything? I will say what I want when I want and how I want as long as I do not violate the TOS of the site. It might be your culture to be rude to other people but you are in the international arena here and it is not internationally acceptable to be rude to other people.
mido_h_89 9-Sep-12 9:25am    
International Arena Guy ... u r the one who is being rude ... not me ...
it's my question ... u have the right to answer if u can ... to ask if u dont get it ... not to start judging others ... hope that was CLEAR enough ...

1 solution

it seems that the problem is with firefox higher than 3.6 ... that's all
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Ree Ann Baguio 14-May-21 20:50pm    
Hi, I am having the same issues. how did you solve it?

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